We all get up in the morning for the same reason – to have an awesome day. What determines just how exceptional our day is going to be is whether we are sprinting to an awesome place of work or crawling to a job where we simply clock up the time in anticipation of next month’s pay cheque.

And that is why InformEdge was born – so that we can run up the stairs and have an amazing day, every day.

Don’t get me wrong – every workplace deserves dedication, hard work and even love; but if you can do exactly what you are passionate about and really good at, why not just do it?

This is how I resolved to bring my silverware to the big boys table – to challenge and inspire myself, to get better at what I’m good at and to teach my children just how easy it is to be brave.

In my former career as a journalist I had the honour and pleasure to interview presidents, important international political and business figures and famous sportsmen and sportswomen as well as hundreds of so called ordinary people – all of them quite different from each other and with contrasting levels of difficulty. It took guts to stand in front of all these people, day after day, and fire questions at them – sometimes the sort of questions your boss might class as type P 45 ☺ I came to Ireland 13 years ago with no notion of staying…but here I am!

And yet, I feared getting out there in the world to fend for myself after 9 years in employment. It took an unexpected mentor to inspire me; plenty of research to back my idea up and even more love for the craft to guide me in the right direction. So why do you get up in the morning?

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